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The Core Team


Gerry Kilsby
Founder, Managing Director e
“Even the term 'Traffic Management' was unheard of when I started in the industry, some 4 decades years ago. Then, in 1987 I saw both the need and opportunity to create and provide a structured approach to traffic control in my dealings with the London International Boat Show, at Earls Court. Since then my staff and I have developed a service that has become the industry standard.
I am immensely proud of our product and the team who help me deliver our award winning service.
Let me introduce you to some of them”

Eamonn Crowe
General Managere

Eamonn Joined E.T.M.S.in 2003. Formerly Senior Traffic Supervisor at Earls Court. With over 25 years in the industry, he has a

wealth of experience in both man management and Heath & Safety.

Sam Dalton
Operations Manager

Sam started his commercial life in the travel industry. He joined our traffic team 14 years ago and is now a vital cog in the ETMS wheel - extremely practical, efficient and dedicated.
Ian Jackson
Support Services & Systems Manager

As a member of The Magic Circle ‘Jacko’s’ attention to detail is undoubted. He brings discipline, efficiency and a few ‘tricks’ of his own to our operations.

Steve Howe
Senior Supervisore

Steve has been with the company for over 20 years. He brings tremendous energy to our operations and gives everything 110%.

Practicality is his middle name.

Martin Metcalfe
Highways 'TM' Manager

Martin joined ETMS in April 2012 from public works contractor Ringways, then spent 6 months on secondment to LOCOG, organising the traffic in and around Stratford for The 2012 Olympics. He is now making great strides in building ETMS Highways.

Mandi Tozer
Office Manager

Mandi is a vital part of our 'backroom' team - heard but rarely seen, Mandi keeps everything on course and everyone in line - including the boss!