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Health and Safety

We all have a duty of care for Health & Safety in the workplace, and when traffic and pedestrian movement combine it can be a lethal mix. Health & Safety is now so important that any weakness in this area leaves your organisation vulnerable. Accidents can at best be damaging or worse catastrophic and very expensive.

We therefore undertake risk assessments and provide method statements as part of our traffic management plans for all our contracts. These can be integrated to support or compliment an overall event strategy.

All our staff undergo Health & Safety in Traffic Management training and C.I.T.B's 'Banks-men’ courses. Supervisors are trained to a minimum of I.O.S.H and managers to NEBOSH level. We also have extensive knowledge of vehicle management, both as a transport operator and in traffic legislation, through years of dealing with Police authorities. The company carries full Employers and Public Liability Insurance.

Putting your traffic management in our hands not only affords you a smooth-running, professional event, but also peace of mind.

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