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Porter Services

Providing porters (or crew) for an event has many benefits. Not only is it great ‘P.R’ for the event, but both exhibitors and contractors will greatly appreciate the help. When the whole team rises to the occasion as you see here (International Show Jumping, Olympia) it really adds a new dimension to the experience of being an exhibitor. Furthermore, when integrated with our traffic operation, it has a direct and positive impact on vehicle turn-round times - and therefore traffic flow.

Distribution and ‘Gofers’

Whether it's 'stuffing' and distributing Welcome Packs, maintaining the catalogue stands, keeping water machines topped up - every event has such routine yet vitally important tasks.

Having a dedicated team of our friendly lads and lasses to deal with those challenges will leave you to concentrate on the event itself.

Portarage team




Concierge & Meet ‘n’ Greet Services

Whoever your guests or visitors are, first impressions are vital.
VIP or 'celebs’, chauffeur driven cars, taxis, coach parties or the general public, each present their own challenges. 

They require a friendly and informed welcome.

Our mature and experienced front line 'meet ’n’ greet' staff will give you the comfort of knowing that your guests are being welcomed as if by yourself. Top hat & tails, blazers and ‘greys’, corporate uniform or standard traffic order, are just some of the options that will give your event the edge!
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Highways Traffic Management

A natural and complimentary extension to our events operation, ETMS Highways was introduced in 2012. For full information on this service, view the new 'ETMS Highways' website here.

Highways Traffic Management



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