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The Job
Working in the events and exhibition industry has never been a 9-to-5 job. Then, there is the British weather, which can always be relied upon to have a sense of humour! But, come rain, snow, or scorching temperatures, the show must go on and we will be out there managing the traffic.

If you don't find this too daunting and would like to work in an efficient, friendly team atmosphere at some interesting and occasionally exciting locations, ETMS could be a great opportunity for you.

'The proof of the pudding...' is an appropriate adage to apply to working for ETMS, as we have a very high rate of employee retention, with some of our regular crew having been with us over 18 years. Our operation is professional yet relaxed and we have a culture which provides opportunity for promotion to those who show commitment and initiative.

We would not be the best in the business without a first class training regime. Our core business involves getting traffic on and off event and exhibition sites efficiently, safely and without incident. This doesn't just happen, it takes expertise and experience.

All our staff undergo Health & Safety in Traffic Management training and 'Banksman’ courses. Supervisors are trained to I.O.S.H level.

Joining the Team
If you are interested in working for ETMS, either on a season/short term basis or are looking for a career change, then contact us via the address below. Include your CV and a brief outline of what you think you could bring to the company - we look forward to hearing from you.


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