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ETMS Security


An increasingly important component of any event is Security. It is essential therefore to get the right balance between steely vigilance and the free movement of visitors so as to allow the atmosphere of the event to be relaxed, yet positive. This is where our experience and training come into their own as our staff will always be smart, efficient polite and friendly.

The safe and smooth-running of your event will be largely down to the professionalism of your security and front-of- house staff. invariably the first point of contact with an event so are trained to ensure they convey the right impression.

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Bag Search

This is a sensitive process and one that has to be right. Nobody likes having their bag searched so ETMS Security staff are selected and trained specifically for the job. A smile and the right body language makes all the difference with this potentially awkward procedure.

Bag Searches
Sniffer Dogs

Due to the sensitivity of a venue or guests, certain events need that extra level of security that only a team of sniffer dogs can provide. ETMS Security have experience of working to the highest level of security requirements - including State Occasions, Embassies and Royal Palaces. Together with our other divisions this service closes the circle of complete security requirement for your event.

Dog Searches
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