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Crowd Saftey / Crossing Control

We all thought we knew what stewarding was and then in 2012, the Olympics came to London. Seemingly over night, the role of the stewarding changed from being one of simply directing people and keeping things moving to being part of the experience and flavour of the event itself.

It is for this reason that we now have a new dedicated training scheme for new recruits and exisiting staff to brush up on their skills. We instill in our staff that their enthusiasm should be that of a good, friendly, efficient job. This is an integral part of the way the event is perceived by the public.

We choose our leads very carefully to encourage all the boys and girls, come rain or shine, to come with a smart turn out, professional manor and friendly face.


An increasingly important component of any event is Security.  It is essential therefore to get the right balance between steely vigilance and the free movement of visitors so as to allow the atmosphere of the event to be relaxed, yet positive. This is where our experience and training come into their own as our staff will always be smart, efficient polite and friendly.

The safe and smooth-running of your event will be largely down to the professionalism of your security and front-of- house staff. invariably the first point of contact with an event so are trained to ensure they convey the right impression.



Event Traffic Management

It is a fact that the first, and often the last point of contact that an exhibitor or contractor has with a venue is the traffic management staff.  Therefore the image of the entire event may be established before your visitors set foot on the premises. The manner in which drivers are addressed, the courtesy they are afforded and the efficiency with which they access and leave the premises, is of the utmost importance.


This fundamental approach to customer care and communication is the number one priority of Exhibition Traffic Management Services. We consider ourselves an extension to the Organiser's team.


Exhibitors frequently arrive at a venue stressed, tired from a long journey and unsure how best to unload. Many are single-handed and therefore take up valuable vehicle space, often for prolonged periods.

A friendly face, a fast and efficient transfer of items to the stand, leaves the exhibitor relaxed and with a positive first-impression of the event.

When aligned with our award winning traffic management, our porter service provides added benefit to any event.


Our studies have shown vehicle turn-round times improve by up to 60% - making a significant contribution to build and breakdowns, especially at venues where access is limited.


When integrated with our traffic services, porters ensure empty vehicles are removed upon completion. At any event, the ‘feel good factor’ and ‘added value’ effect is priceless!

Our Porter Service