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Traffic Marshalling
Highways Traffic Managemet
CSAS Officers

Traffic control.

It is a fact that the first, and often the last point of contact an exhibitor or contractor has with a venue, is the traffic management staff. Therefore, the image of the entire event may be established before your visitors set foot on the premises. The way drivers are addressed, the courtesy they are afforded and the efficiency with which they access and leave the premises, is of the utmost importance.

Our staff receive daily on-site briefings and regular refresher courses designed to keep everyone well equipped and professionally capable to carry out the work required to keep traffic moving. 


Our highways team deal with local road closures, implement one-way systems, diversions and manage traffic movement in areas where higher levels of foot traffic are anticipated.

This fundamental approach to customer care and communication is the number one priority of Exhibition Traffic Management Services, as we consider ourselves an extension of the Organiser's team.


Traffic marshalling.

If you are looking for traffic control at your next event, then look no further. Our experienced management team will cater for your requirements from start to finish.


On-site traffic control, especially during build-up, through the open period and dismantling is our speciality. Years of experience affords us a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts, such that exhibitors, contractors and service partners know and work with us.    


We have experience in planning, design, Local Authority and County Council liaison, road and lane closures, and every type of highways traffic management you may need. Our staff regularly manage and work at high-profile events and locations, such as Regents Park’s - Frieze Art Fair, The Hampton Court, Tatton Park and the world-famous Chelsea Flower Shows, for the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as numerous high profile live music events, such as ‘Wireless’ at the Crystal Palace and Finsbury Parks, All Points East at Victoria Park, and many more high profile events.

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Highways traffic management.

Our service capabilities include:


·    Scheme design and planning

·    Traffic Safety and Control Officers

·    Single lane traffic works / closure

·    Full contraflow systems

·    Traffic signal systems

·    Complete road closure with diversion routes and signage

·    High containment, pedestrian, and temporary vehicle barriers

·    Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (Impact Protection Vehicles)

·    Variable message signage

·    Traffic management CAD design

We provide traffic management services that span the life of a project, from inception, through delivery and maintenance to completion. This builds mutual trust with our clients and reinforces sustained quality through a consistent approach.



To compliment your traffic management plan, you will need tailor-made signage for diversions, conveying information, designated parking zones, road closures or maybe suspended parking bays for safe coach drop offs and pick-ups. 

We will design a plan, working with the current legislation, to fulfil these needs.

Signage is an often overlooked and can have a direct impact on the local community. We will supply, monitor, and adapt if needed, to ensure the smooth running of our operation whilst maintaining a good relationship with local residents on your behalf.


CSAS officers.

CSAS Accredited Traffic Officers are authorised to direct, hold and restrict traffic movements on the public highway. This, for example, may include implementing temporary road closures, diversions, or simply to hold traffic to enable safe pedestrian movement.


ETMS provide officers approved under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS), enabling our traffic management team to carry out their routine duties, safe in the support and under the authority the scheme provides.

This includes traffic direction and temporary restrictions, as required for community events, including: 

• Temporary Road closures
• Stop/Go controls
• Street processions, carnivals & marches
• Pedestrian crossings
• Access control
• Existing/Temporary traffic light control


Local authority plans.

‘TM’ plans are an integral part of a local authority requirement, on which we pride ourselves. Following site meetings and discussions with the local authority and, if appropriate, police, we create the necessary plans, using specialist CAD software, to complete your local authority application.

All our TM plans are accompanied with dedicated R.A./M.S. for the event site.



One of our senior team will always be available to attend site meetings, to discuss your event and its traffic management options.


The benefits of early site meetings will enhance our ability to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. We then liaise with the local authority, and other stakeholders to provide the best possible options, methodology and staffing. This early involvement is crucial to the delivery of our services, and helps you, the customer, gain important understanding on what goes on and your own clients and visitors can expect and how they interact. In many cases this can also save you time and money.


Front of house security.

An increasingly important component of any event is Security. It is essential therefore to get the right balance between steely vigilance and the free movement of visitors, to allow the atmosphere of the event to be relaxed, yet positive. This is where our experience and training come into its own, as our staff will always be smart, efficient, polite, and friendly.

The safe and smooth-running of your event will be largely down to the professionalism of your security and front-of-house staff, invariably the first point of contact with an event, so are trained to ensure they convey the right impression.


Customer service.

As we all know, customer service is a huge part of event management. Our staff understand the importance of a friendly manner and a smile. They pride themselves on having all the answers.

On site or outside the event, they help direct the public to the show, or the nearest transport links. We monitor crossings, and pinch points, stepping in to remind them to observe the ‘Green-Man’ and keeping them safe.

We have experienced of managing 60,000 plus, festival goers leaving a venue, putting in barriers in place, using megaphones to ensure the public get where they need to go safely.



We all thought we knew what stewarding was and then in 2012, the Olympics came to London. Seemingly over-night, the role of stewarding changed from being one of simply directing people and keeping things moving, to being part of the experience and flavour of the event itself.


It is for this reason that we now have a dedicated training scheme for new recruits and existing staff to brush up on their skills. We instil in our staff that their enthusiasm should be that of a good, friendly, efficient job. This is an integral part of the way the event is perceived by the public.

We choose our leads very carefully to encourage all the boys and girls, come rain or shine, to come with a smart turn out, professional manner and friendly face.

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